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MetaMerge is the first Hybrid GameFi and MetaVerse that utilizes the hot Merge Gameplay with Blockchain game. Get it now on:
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“Hybrid GameFi” means MetaMerge is both a traditional Mobile Game and a Solana-based NFT Game. Our product vision is to become a Metaverse in the future leveraging the simulation element of the Merge game genre.
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MetaMerge is a simulation metaverse, where the magical MetaMerge universe is in users' hands. Game users act as the land's Masters to discover, construct and protect their islands. MetaMerge system utilizes the addictive merge gameplay combined with strategic PvP battle mode. With the vision of bringing 3D, AR, and VR technology into the world of Blockchain gaming, MetaMerge expects to connect the bridge between physical and virtual societies.
Aside from offering users entertainment and earnings, we aim to stimulate their curiosity and satisfy their passion for discovery by creating collections of NFT characters, creatures, animals, plants, buildings, lands, and many more.
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